Fuck That

Your trouble The ex Pretending You care About what you made When you made love to her. The time You wish She would keep you But she didn't Because to her You were trash. Your hope And the distance Between What is you And what is me. The force Of my walls Pressing up Against... Continue Reading →

Fall Apart

Endless hues of green and lavender With the scent of guilt that tonight cannot crush. A feeling of endless ruins of bliss That beat any sort of restful rush. Honing along and singing a tune To the beat of 1876. When I ran past the man with a hat He hit me with his stick.... Continue Reading →

Your presence is not required That seems to piss you off But your emotion lacks a certain connection Then grace takes it all off course. From early on in my life As a very small child I knew there were people That disliked me. I knew that reason Had nothing to do with me. If... Continue Reading →

Tales of riddles But this isn't one. Crying is of no use to anyone now Learn to take a lesson! Find out what you thought Was what you didn't know. Finding out the truth In an angry outburst late one night. Where the innocent was referred to as a pal To someone important. Forlorn while... Continue Reading →

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