Please Don’t Forget Me

I am not the woman that hurt you I am not she. I would never have done that. Please don’t forget me. When all feelings have faded May I make a subtle plea? When you sit and think of yesterday, Please don’t forget me. When bodies cast shadows In places we flee.. My only request... Continue Reading →


Crawling deep within a tomb Where nothing lives or dies Hidden beneath the earth we created Suddenly we have ties. Shouting angry words below Where nobody could possibly hear Sounds create the illusion Yet nobody has an ear. Down below the apocalypse Feelings are left at bay We didn't want what we couldn't have I... Continue Reading →

Another Night in the Dark

She will end up to be the one that simply got away The very last walk in the park. The very moment of truth in a tragedy While you sit alone in the dark. She'll be the reason you can't sleep a wink You get up and pace the floor. She'll be the reason you... Continue Reading →


Nearly 100 degrees outside Yet she searches and searches for blankets. While we are all sweating and cooling off She is finding heaters Shoring up her house Ready for a frost She knows is coming.   When we ask her why She simply says "I don't like to be cold."

Hold to Me

When the wind is too strong You cannot keep your footing Nothing stays where it was Everything keeps moving around you; I will be your pillar.   When the lies surround a truth You can't seem to find Through hours of thinking Worrying; I will be your truth.   When your mind tells you one... Continue Reading →

I Believe You

When you said life would turn around Just after a huge implosion When I said nothing to you But thought you may be overstating. When you told me not to worry You'd take care of it for me When I tried to do it myself, and failed You turned up to finish. When you said... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Recalcitrance

Shined my shoes for a dance When there was no intention of my presence. Silence had always been my demise But force has always been my essence. Calculating nearly every step It took to get to the stairs. We open up with honesty Then tend to put on airs. Tightly fitting corset Black, for all... Continue Reading →

She Is Mine

I wait patiently for the day When he realizes He wants me; More than air Food Even clothing. When the desire for me In his arms Surpasses his need For autonomy. I wait patiently For the moment He wants me And tells me Everything Inside his heart.   I wait for the one That first... Continue Reading →

Deepest Parts of You

Whispers in darkness The urge to take a bite. We'd say nobody can watch us But there isn't anyone in sight. We stand facing one another As we dance across the floor. Magic takes a front seat To what doesn't matter anymore. Held together by imperfection Moments we cannot control. The time you touched my... Continue Reading →

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