Kill You

She's gotten to know the inner workings What makes you ebb And flow. Now she is done with you But first, She'll try to kill you.   She'll take every word you ever said And make it terrible. Scream at you about everything While your head and heart are spinning. Take every brick of the... Continue Reading →

There Are No Others

You can't kill words No matter how much you hate them. You can stop a beating heart Emotionally devastate a family Ruin every form of peace This world requires But you will never silence love. You cannot carry a Qur'an Spouting words of love and mercy Then kill someone Because it isn't the way. Your... Continue Reading →

Not All Of Me Shall Die

Spoiled rotten from what she thinks she deserves Handed over to the someone else to decide her fate A wanderer, with no family to claim her So there would be no reward. She handed a coin to the jailor Whispered to him "Primum non nocere." Then blew a powder in his face. He fell to... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Kill Paris

You may subdue a few people But you will never take the rich history Of the most visited city in the world. You may burn down their museums But you'll never take away their artists Or the history they provide To the entire world. Mercilessly you killed Humans without weapons Like the coward you've become... Continue Reading →

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