Hearing His Voice

It's been nothing but crickets for months Then I hear his voice again It reminds me how innocent I was How I believed Everything. Reminds me of watching shows Things that I considered to be ours Was really for everyone. Reminds me of the necklace I gently placed in the trash So I wouldn't have... Continue Reading →

You Forgot

You forgot the use of lace In the very primitive forms of pride. You lost the dictation of unrest Though some say you tried. She wants you to love her deeper With a passion filled with lust. A skint trace of unruliness Until it all turns to dust. Perhaps you can't win the war Within... Continue Reading →

I Let Her Die

When he said To let it go I knew it was time I've been too slow.   Little blue eyes With very short brown hair When I closed my eyes I saw her standing there.   All alone So afraid Guilty as hell Of all the sins someone else made.   I let her die... Continue Reading →

What If I Told You

What if I said to you That you are no better Than anyone on this planet; That no one person Has a greater value Than another?   What if I said to you The hooker on the street corner Is your sister? Or that the love of your life Is sat in a bar And... Continue Reading →


He's left it open plain to see There is him, and here is me A game is played and I have lost The music takes us from the frost. I'm not cold, but please don't wander A man may have a simple saunter But is it not for all to see Or is it lost... Continue Reading →

Time To Let Go

For days I sit on this rock Allowing the ocean to attack me Never moving from it Because I've been told He would come. I was told that if I waited Right where I was He would come to me Rescue me from this rock From these waves From the cold. Days turned to months... Continue Reading →


You can lack morality all you like Spread your filth all over that town Muck it the fuck up with your angst about life About how everyone has treated you so poorly Cry at your weakest moments Then shout when you believe you have been wronged! Nobody is paying attention to you anyway Even the... Continue Reading →

The Day I Let You Go

One day very soon I will have to say goodbye Our lives Are no longer meant To be together. The day I let you go I will remember For the rest of my life That day Will signify My great loss The loss of a man I dearly love. The day I let you go... Continue Reading →


Won't let him call her first thing in the morning anymore Or tell her everything she means to him every day. It won't let him text her how beautiful he thinks she is Or how he wants to spend a lifetime loving her. Has him listening to his friends about what a scoundrel she is... Continue Reading →

Nothing Good To Gain

Darkness kills the light at times But it never dulls my pain. I'd like to say I've tried my best But I've nothing good to gain. Trails of tears left behind me With your name on every one Kept me for reaching for the sword But didn't deter me from the gun. Now I stand... Continue Reading →

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