Maybe the Next Lady

He gave a snail the power to love But didn’t calm or move the seas. Power fell from between his feet So he had to raise his fees. Many ladies like his kind The words that he spews. I happen to think that action is better If a lady gets to choose. I tire of... Continue Reading →

Because He Lied

Threw a rock into the river of silence, When a storm didn't pass. Took the force of dignity to a new level When I told him to kiss my ass. Worried when I was told the truth That it was a lie instead. Stole what I could of integrity Though dying, wouldn't take a piece... Continue Reading →

The Color of Lies

Flesh ripping apart As a boat cuts through the water In a lake Nobody can get to. You could have died If only the stories you told Were real. I lived in fantasy With you For years. Sometimes I sit I read our old conversations And I know The color of lies.

Hold to Me

When the wind is too strong You cannot keep your footing Nothing stays where it was Everything keeps moving around you; I will be your pillar.   When the lies surround a truth You can't seem to find Through hours of thinking Worrying; I will be your truth.   When your mind tells you one... Continue Reading →

They Never Told Her

Not a word was said of dignity They removed that like a core. The subjects we are speaking of Don't listen anymore. They never told her she was unwanted They simply left the room. While she sat dangling from confusion They carefully constructed her tomb. Life rapes an atmosphere That isn't ready for what lies.... Continue Reading →


Wandering down this path That now reeks of gold. Smelling flowers along the way Watching all good, unfold. Seeing love blossom before me In a tangled mess of apprehension. You could barely count the cost Or cut the tension. But my life improved dramatically Since the day you said goodbye. Everything just fell into place... Continue Reading →

The Truth

Can you pull shadows from the wall And make them dance in the rain? Take a few pieces of sand Make me a beautiful train? I've found I don't like the flow of a river Can you make it change its course? I trek a long and senseless path dear sir Would you mind if... Continue Reading →

You Want Her

Not quite enough to say hello Or to answer her message. Maybe not quite enough For forever; But a really good 'right now' Sounds great.   You want her just enough to lie About something little, or perhaps big. Just enough to get this sinking feeling When you think of what you would risk In... Continue Reading →


The ink hadn't even dried yet The tears dripped onto it Making the writing smear So only I could tell What it said Initially.   I guess he couldn't focus on me He couldn't quite see through the dust He liked the part where I gave my heart But his favorite part of it was... Continue Reading →

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