I laid the incense on the counter Quite angrily, too. The day wasn't quite a ruin; Because it wasn't about you. Put my gun back in its holster Today isn't the day. Can want this all over with But I can't wish it away. Smelled the scent of orange Saw blue in the sky. They... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Found

Quiet like a raging storm I head to the tallest tree. They found everything in battle But somehow lost me. One soldier handed me a rose Which I clearly threw on the ground. We came, we saw, we conquered But peace, we never found. On top of tree I could see the price All the... Continue Reading →

There Has To Be A Man

One moment she wants to save herself The next she doesn't know how. One man thinks she's a queen The other, a cow. In an instant she can be shattered Pieces all over the floor. The next she's showing a creep Directly to the door. Sometimes she forgets He tore her heart apart. It's like... Continue Reading →

Screaming Silence

Darkness fills the air at night When sounds crowd out the storm. We fight the demons we cannot see Yet this seems to be our norm. We cry on the all fires we set Hoping to put them out. Tears don't put out fires, you know Especially within a drought. We hired an assembly To tell... Continue Reading →

Beautifully Unobtainable

A beautiful creature; You can watch her move With the grace of a streamer Moving slowly through the air. Her hands are your magic; As they dance around Doing her bidding for her, And you watch them move Because to you They are enticing. Her mind is so brilliant; You want to know everything about... Continue Reading →

The Steps

First it's going to knock you down You're going to wish you died. You're really going to feel the hurt You're gonna wish you cried. Then everything goes so fast It's all just over now. She goes from being your one true love To "that angry cow." That is when the anger sets in And... Continue Reading →

My Guardian

You gave me light I refused it and sat in darkness. You gave me hope I joked about it, and walked away. You gave me dignity As I stood in a room lying about each of them. You gave me honor I used it as a gift of disorder.   Shallow is a light in... Continue Reading →

Delightful Entertainment

Flecks of darkness gleam my eyes Before me stands Ares. I smile because I know the truth Of what the sloth carries.   Ask him to start a war for me So large nobody wins. Everyone lays dying or dead Then the truth of lies begins.   I gather gold and silver pieces Hand them... Continue Reading →

He Reminds Me

The thought of him takes me back To days when life was so much simpler. After work you could go get a drink Fill your mind with all kinds of ideals Just to make your way home And do the exact same thing the next day.   He reminds me of a gentle time When... Continue Reading →

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