The Decision

Silence rapes the atmosphere Then begs for your forgiveness The sudden urgency to cry is lost Yet depression gets its prize. Held a candle to a tree once Then listened for it beg for my mercy. Such a silly thing mercy is Only given when people are watching.   Two are hanging from a cliff;... Continue Reading →

To Ruin A Woman

Like a young shark That for the first time Tastes blood. She bit into him When he yelled in pain She liked it.   Hidden within walls so thick Nary a sound could be heard through them. She loved this place of solitude Rarely came out of it.   One day the sun was so... Continue Reading →


Fervently he sucked the air out of the room Ripped the entire place apart Busting fingernails Breaking teeth Spitting and choking on the aftermath Of what was a beautiful love. White walls are now scratched As he sits rocking back forth In the middle of the room. His voice is like the volcano Nobody wants... Continue Reading →

When You

When you find that perfect someone That isn't quite so perfect They make you feel Like you finally have a 'place.' They make you realize Home is not a house It is in the eyes Of that person you love.   When you have loved someone so long They feel like they are a part... Continue Reading →

Who Wants Him?

Sometimes I sit and ask myself Why in the world I put up with this Why.. Time after time I keep putting up with this.   Time beats at an amazing pace Setting records for its demise I've known all along this was over It is you, not the situation I despise.   How do... Continue Reading →


A host of problems become the fruition Of everything you ever wanted to be Yet are not.   Your mother reminded you of how your brother Always did better than you Yet you tried.   First a climb into the unknown Then a dive into something that could hurt Yet you dive.   She apologizes... Continue Reading →


I am the dust that settles on a table You haven't sat at in years. I'm the moment of glory within a situation That brings the room to tears. Never quite enough for forever Just a glance at what we were. I'm the freedom found within a flag And an extra shot, just to be... Continue Reading →

In The Shade of a Tree

Feeling so torn apart just now I find solace within my core. The screeching screaming aftermath Of always wanting more. Mental awareness has always been keen Yet I do my best in my worst. I'd like to tell you it is all figured out But I really need to fuck this man first. Morality is... Continue Reading →


*Poof* He was gone So I was left Dancing with broken branches. It was July and had begun snowing But only around me Which used to make me cold But I found solace in it. "See? He never loved you" Did dances around my head Then begun singing a song That I couldn't hear But... Continue Reading →

The Weakness in Me

Fortified by walls you cannot fathom Taller than any building you have seen I stand behind them Ready for something Even a small war would be better than nothing. Nobody ever says anything to me I never hear any amount of fight Nor see any damage. There is one He is you - I let... Continue Reading →

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