Your Eyes

Your eyes melt the walls around my heart marble blue drips purr deep within my soul, carefully undressing my mind, leaving you etched for eternity on my breast I am lost in pools of you willingly drenched inside your fire, see how I dance with light, no more the blind, I live your eyes You... Continue Reading →


I stand watching them trying to climb the walls I've built Dangling one foot over the edge, While they beg me not to jump And I laugh at their naivety. Will you take me softly Or rip me competely apart? Would you be slightly interested In this war torn heart? Then one comes along and... Continue Reading →

My Blanket

He wraps me In complete protection Never faltering Never wavering Always there Always my peace.   When the world Grates at me I go to him For comfort For support. My blanket Always there For me.   Now if I could Just figure out What I could do For him That would even come close... Continue Reading →

It’s Alright

Fourth attempt at writing For, about you today So many feelings, hard to say All that you bring my way.   I rush about in nearly a panic Wishing the day away Hoping everyone can see You are what brightens my day.   Found my quest Everything spread out on the floor Writing to you... Continue Reading →

Every Day

His heart beats in his chest I can feel it. Every day he lives Is another day I get to love him. Every day he walks on the Earth Is another chance For me to show him Everything he means to me.   Every day I get to love him I thank God he was... Continue Reading →

What If You Have Nobody?

On a day set aside for lovers You had nobody to hold your hand Kiss your cheek Or tell you they love you? No flowers were being delivered Or loving face to greet you in the morning? No moment captured Or caught up in time No special memo's written to you Or phone call meant... Continue Reading →


There is something beautiful about the tangible in life. The things we can reach out and touch with our hands. There is something remarkable about eyes that can speak to one another without saying a word. There is something calming in the warmth of another person, especially when they are right there next to you.... Continue Reading →

Tasting Romance

Just beyond the horizon If you keep walking You'll see it. Wrapped in a blanket for warmth Is the tender embrace Of him. He would never deny he wants you He's just very uncertain How to say it. So he stands With his hands in his pockets Looking you directly in the eyes As you... Continue Reading →

Half of Me

There is a part of me That wants you More than I've wanted anything. There is something Inside me Screaming out for you.. Do you hear it?   Half of me Wants all of you If you catch me At the right moment.   The other half is afraid And hides From this; From what... Continue Reading →

When We Speak

There is a fire between us Nobody can put out. A clear reason to believe in love With no room for doubt. Matching scars on our bodies With one hell of a mixed up fate We sit by the fire for warmth Because everything in us will wait. I would lie so close to him... Continue Reading →

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