Personal and Subjective

Lightning strikes a gentle chord Beating a rhythm I haven’t heard before. Did it come out anonymously? Or did you secretly want it more? Subtle whispers heard everywhere Though the distance seems to vary. Why not come wandering through hidden truths When the weight seems too much to carry? We said our truths within hidden... Continue Reading →

Snowfall in Summer

Plots of land before me for the very first time Looking across the green grass I noticed Life didn't fit into this subjective mess very well. The ground began shaking below me Loud thunder came from afar. I bet hear her crying in the hallway Wondering why you went astray. But why didn't you really... Continue Reading →

Soothing Way He Speaks

Every day I miss his voice The soothing way he speaks. Gentleness and grace comes out Though we haven't spoken in weeks. He is honest to a fault at times Never pulling any punches. He knows kindness is needed most in those That carry the most irrational hunches. Boasted to me one time of his... Continue Reading →


I'm an afterthought achievement Just hunted for the sport. To know me is to love me; But I'm not even in his court. Solemnly he remembers He must send me a thought! He does it for the sport, Just doesn't want to get caught. While he touts his love everywhere It isn't even for me.... Continue Reading →

Nobody Keeping Score

It was visceral, no cerebral There wasn't anyone keeping score. A spark held in a moment spent in eternity That would melt most to their core. Lace on skin so tightly entwined Yet not enough to entice. Could I possibly get you to dance with me? Or would a simple text suffice? Vexing is the... Continue Reading →


His words reach through walls Thought to be impenetrable. Melting the very core Of everything I have believed. He surrounds me in a protection of belief I've never felt before. Humbled, I know he is my truth As he touches deeply The untouchable. So boring is a truth that fails Never worrying about what is... Continue Reading →


I glamour myself up a bit Play coy, even a little aloof. Never call them back Even if I really want to. They follow the rules Then at some point become interested. It is in that fraction of a second I realize I don't want them anymore.


Time wraps itself gently around my body Reminding me we are alone, and shall remain so. Dodging destiny like a kid that just stole a car Merging endlessly with whatever fate has to do with it. I adore the way he didn't apologize that night For pouring his heart out on a table I didn't... Continue Reading →


I sat thinking of you for a while Remembering our last conversation What you said, and if I had it all wrong. Maybe you were invested Most likely you were not. I had given the little of me I had left over It felt like you were not giving at all. I sit staring at... Continue Reading →

Poisonous Thunder

Gracious is the faithful one That bleeds nothing but the sin, Honor bound and ever so vigilant Until the lies begin. Crying tears of pride in a shout That entwined within its prey, All seems really good this time Until dignity comes out to play. He takes a step towards liberty But trips on failure... Continue Reading →

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