Poisonous Thunder

Gracious is the faithful one That bleeds nothing but the sin, Honor bound and ever so vigilant Until the lies begin. Crying tears of pride in a shout That entwined within its prey, All seems really good this time Until dignity comes out to play. He takes a step towards liberty But trips on failure... Continue Reading →


Like tasting fruit from a vine that isn't quite ready We sat waiting for something to tell us to stop But feelings poured out all over a page We both hoped nobody would read. In silence we tout of love everlasting Though we know the frowns all too well. A simple love between the two... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Believe in That

The stench was nearly overwhelming But we had to carry on. Life decides to change your course And all your senses are gone. Found ourselves packed in righteousness Yet they thought we were fools. Playing stupid is fun sometimes When you need those people for tools. Stopped for a minute to marvel at something They... Continue Reading →

Wrong One

For all I've chosen to do Just short of crying for him Laid my heart out for him to take Yet he leaves it lie there. Another is begging my attention Which is falling against my banging indifference Until one night I am weak The night I want to know I can be wanted. Laughing... Continue Reading →

Why Don’t You

Why don't you write something telling about me Or take down that picture from your wall? Why not email me one lazy night Just before dawn, in Fall? Why don't you kill the substance with circumstance Then just let the feelings flow? Take a night off to reminisce about the past Just before dawn, during... Continue Reading →

Did You Get That?

Rumbling in the distance Makes me feel a bit more at ease. Happy I can at least hear the sound Feeling the gently wrapped breeze. Circular, not secular Like a punch in the throat. Seemingly nice to beguile Yet not quite worthy of a note. Did you get that innuendo? The one I clearly made?... Continue Reading →

That Should Have Been Me

It should have been me in a wicker basket My old torn and battered bed. Being held by a father that loved me Instead of wishing all my life I was dead. It should have been me wrapped in love By parents that truly cared. Held in the arms of protection Instead of living every... Continue Reading →

Which Part of you to Take

You are the wind that blows on my shoulder Sun that shines on my face, A part that went missing in a puzzle That suddenly found its place. The aftermath of a terrible wreck Where not a single person was hurt. The moon in a beautiful sky A delicious homemade dessert. Freeing as the scent... Continue Reading →

Because He Lied

Threw a rock into the river of silence, When a storm didn't pass. Took the force of dignity to a new level When I told him to kiss my ass. Worried when I was told the truth That it was a lie instead. Stole what I could of integrity Though dying, wouldn't take a piece... Continue Reading →

For Once In Our Lives

I didn't even have to say it, You saw it in my eyes. We didn't even have to read it It was woven in the skies. Something about us just happened Like it never had before. For once in both our lives, We aren't asking for anything more.

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