My Breath

Pressed between satin sheets Smells of lavender fill the air The world; Completely silent. We, are not.   Hands interlocked Holding so tightly Whispering "I'll never let you go" A hundred times.   Two battered people Know the value of true love Feel that tonight They need to consume one another Get lost in each... Continue Reading →

Tasting Romance

Just beyond the horizon If you keep walking You'll see it. Wrapped in a blanket for warmth Is the tender embrace Of him. He would never deny he wants you He's just very uncertain How to say it. So he stands With his hands in his pockets Looking you directly in the eyes As you... Continue Reading →

Off To Meet Destiny

The angels beat a drum for me As the earth rises to meet my feet Nor a single undergarment is on Just a flowing pink dress. I am off to meet destiny Yet am unable to surmise Is she found within the core of man Or will she be a gentle surprise? Right now it... Continue Reading →

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