I remember kissing you In the rain The water running down our faces Yet we didn't care Because we were in love. I remember feeling you Really feeling you In the middle of the night When there was only you and I. I remember loving you More than I loved anything, Wanting you More than... Continue Reading →

The Very Next

The very next man I touch Will feel it; Not just on his skin, But in his soul. He'll know I'm there He'll know, I want him There will be no doubt. The very next man I love I will never let go of, And I will tell him, Show him How much I love... Continue Reading →

Too Busy Loving Him

I'd write the most beautiful love story That would have everyone jealous Of the love these two people carry In their hearts. Paint a masterpiece of artwork Somewhere in this world That people could go See what kind of beautiful he makes my life. I would write the most beautiful Piece of music Anyone has... Continue Reading →

When She Breathes

You don't know If you really found her If she's really alive Or maybe Just an illusion In your mind. You think you spot her In a crowd Or in a photo Then nothing Absolutely nothing Will stop you From hearing her Touching her Loving her. You'll know She's the right one When she breathes.

I Don’t Have To

I don't have to touch you to know My life would be forever changed if I did. I don't have to kiss you to know I could melt into you if I did. I don't have to be your wife To know I want to spend a lifetime loving you. I don't have to ever... Continue Reading →

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