If You Don’t Know

If you don't know what I'm fighting for How many times I slammed the door. If you just think I'm this crazy bitch That has a random switch. Maybe you think I've won the war Or you wonder what I'm fighting for? If you don't know what a toll it took When I got taken... Continue Reading →

None But You

Only a fraction of what I was Left beyond anything I've ever known Craving what was long the history Hidden in reflections of my mind To the point I could even tell If I was breathing or not. Within the sudden insurgency The weight has been sanctified Yet not completely purified By all that was... Continue Reading →

Before Loyalty

Back when words were a bond; They actually meant something Back when feelings were not fleeting; They actually lasted a lifetime. Before loyalty was ruined, With bad rulers, Before it was more fun To ruin a woman with a lie Than to free her with the truth.   A simpler time With the only rule... Continue Reading →

I Want

Distinct honesty Blatant Sexuality Honest ambivalence Beautiful passion Biting evening Honing eyes Rough holding Unwavering loyalty Complete nudity Unbridled ecstasy Unrelenting sex Lifetime loving Hours waiting Satiated yearning.

There Are Angels

Clutching a beating heart Within the hands that brought them fate She reveals her wings to him in darkness Though honestly, we have no halo. What could bring you your greatest love Can crush you into hardly anything Without notice or apprehension.   Our greatest tool we have in life Is our honor, and our... Continue Reading →

So Much

There is so much strength In the power of forgiveness So much hope In the heartfelt prayer. So much love In the heart of a woman Faith in the second She gives it away again. So much truth In a moment of weakness So much tenderness When he realizes he's in love. So much hurt... Continue Reading →

Always Fail

Opening a letter one night in haste They burn their bridges together Hoping neither will return To what once was lost. Embers sit in a fire That hasn't been tended In days. We wonder what keeps this going Then don't Because we are too busy. Love fades Beauty becomes age Then what do we do... Continue Reading →

The Atmosphere

The soft taste of lust You cannot see with the candle burning. A moment held in embrace I touch the soft parts of him That I know are mine. Take in a breath Then sigh in relief. Never have I been happier To be aive Than I am right this moment.   When we are... Continue Reading →

That Was My Plan

Indecent proposals As I completely leaf through The air I was unable to breathe Because when he arrived He sucked it all out of the room.   Pangs of hunger take me over Like waves not quite reaching the shore But instead breaking before then Just enough to keep me wanting Yet satisfying nothing at... Continue Reading →

Within The Depths

The most beautiful brown you've seen They say so many things Like he is passionate, Honorable, Trustworthy, Loyal, Kind. Yet Stressed, Hurt, Angry. Has seen more than most of us Forgiven more than most Overlooked nothing And seen everything. Within the depths of his eyes Are his strength. They are like water; A reflection Of... Continue Reading →

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