Wrong One

For all I've chosen to do Just short of crying for him Laid my heart out for him to take Yet he leaves it lie there. Another is begging my attention Which is falling against my banging indifference Until one night I am weak The night I want to know I can be wanted. Laughing... Continue Reading →

Which Part of you to Take

You are the wind that blows on my shoulder Sun that shines on my face, A part that went missing in a puzzle That suddenly found its place. The aftermath of a terrible wreck Where not a single person was hurt. The moon in a beautiful sky A delicious homemade dessert. Freeing as the scent... Continue Reading →


Desire rides in one night On a black horse, named Death. He points a bony finger my way- Suddenly I'm out of breath.   I walk towards him as a shadow He takes my world away. I am now surrounded by nothing And standing in clay.   I try to touch his horse But nothing... Continue Reading →


Heavy breathing Hungry hearts Which one do you feed? Wanton lust Fondling appetite How many ladies do you need? Battle scars Taken items How do you settle this score? Angry heart Beating randomly Could you do with another whore? Empty cries Wanting love Now she holds a gun. Hidden danger Excitement works What are you... Continue Reading →

I Want You

Like last night I want your breath On my skin. I want you to want me Only me All night. I want to find you In the deepest recesses Of my mind And body. Traces of you In places hidden Within me.

What Are My Chances?

It's really quite ridiculous How you won't take off my pants. I stand here for hours in lust While you stand there in your underpants. I don't want to talk the world away Or discuss minor advances. I'd really like to get naked with you Now tell me, what are my chances? I don't want... Continue Reading →


Wandering down this path That now reeks of gold. Smelling flowers along the way Watching all good, unfold. Seeing love blossom before me In a tangled mess of apprehension. You could barely count the cost Or cut the tension. But my life improved dramatically Since the day you said goodbye. Everything just fell into place... Continue Reading →

Wanting More

Gnawing, Biting, Clawing for more. Pushing, Yearning, On the floor. Blinding, Lusting, Licking her. Smacking, Pounding, Finally sure. Breathing, Frantic, Four leaf clover Wanting, Seconds, The night's not over.  

Call Me

Call me when you can be a man That wants a woman. When you want the taste of me On your lips. When you want my breasts Against your body. When you want your lips pressed to mine In a kiss neither of us will forget. When you are rock hard and I can feel... Continue Reading →


Gently or firmly Let me count to three Taken, softly Simply let this be. Costing, nothing It hastens to the score. We want it so badly What are we waiting for? Briskly, not waning Let us take it all in. Breathing, deeply Never mention the sin. Bravely, deftly We want this all so much. Nearly... Continue Reading →

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