Just Because

Just because she smiles doesn't mean that she wants you Just because she cries doesn't mean she's sad. Sometimes a tear rolls down a woman's face When she's absolutely terribly mad.   Just because she's angry doesn't mean she'll walk out Just because she's tired doesn't mean she'll give up today. Sometimes the broken pieces... Continue Reading →


Walk through the broken glass Laying all over the floor. You can beg for the night to end But the darkness is your whore. Peel the skin from that angry wound The one you try to hide from everyone around. You're lost, here, there, everywhere Yet begging to be found. It festers just enough to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stir Her Mad

It was a delicious invite! Here, sit down and write! You can get it all out with your pen! If you don't get it out Then we can erase it and you can write it again! Anger is no fool You can use as a tool To fend off your subjective attackers today You can... Continue Reading →

Ignorant Anger

When you whisper into the darkness Can you feel the stillness of the air? What if you worked for it all But when you got home nothing was there? Entities talk to the sane But never to the rich. I began digging a mote for my home But it looks more like a poorly dug... Continue Reading →

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