A pure and rhythmic deisgn With a flaw nobody could see Tangled with vines holding her back From everything she could be. Systematically she removed the bonds With a smile she came back to being All this time she thought she was living But never was she seeing.   The thing about being bound Are... Continue Reading →

Whatever It Is

Sun hits my face Close my eyes and squint Treasure is in my heart But only cowards even try. The light doesn't calm me It encourages All my bad behavior. Whatever it is That keeps me From becoming who I could be With a man that deserves me Holds me within all the protection I... Continue Reading →

On The Shore

Found with dust particles Nowhere Yet everywhere. The seen The unseen. The found The lost. We fit in molds Easily. Most of us discarded Like waste. She found a shoe once on a hill Climbing for days she was lost. The smell of freedom finally came to her So again, did the frost. Built a... Continue Reading →

There Has To Be A Man

One moment she wants to save herself The next she doesn't know how. One man thinks she's a queen The other, a cow. In an instant she can be shattered Pieces all over the floor. The next she's showing a creep Directly to the door. Sometimes she forgets He tore her heart apart. It's like... Continue Reading →

He Lives

I barely make it through my day Without thinking of your face. Can't lay down in bed at night Without thinking of your embrace. Costly words and harsh intention Tuck your tail and run. It isn't hiding if nobody is chasing Then really, where is the fun? To everyone I know he doesn't exist He's... Continue Reading →

What If..

While you were just getting off Having a little fun Teasing Taunting Throwing some words at This woman She Was falling in love with you? What if when you left her She had to get over you Throw that cup you used away? Try to stop thinking about you? What if That woman Was the... Continue Reading →

His Armor

His armor is the first you see You remember him as a warrior A man you don't talk down to And give way when he is coming through. People talk of his battle scars As if they were right there to see them They speak of him in circles Though hardly anyone truly knows What... Continue Reading →

The Moon & Sun

I may be the moon that lights up a dull evening But you are the sun that brightens up our days. I may be the train that goes barreling down the mountain But you are the sturdy tracks that lead the way. I may be the throne, adorned in jewels and sat on by kings... Continue Reading →


Embers still sit in a fire That yesterday Had raged Nearly out of control.   They sit by this fire These two Solitary souls He, wanting her more than anything She, just wanting to know the truth.   Without loyalty There is no love Without devotion There cannot be forever.   Besides What is exactly... Continue Reading →

A Shame In Darkness

Like proverbial man that watches you from across the room; You don't know whether to fuck him Or kill him. You know you could wrap your entire world Around his Then destroy him Within a month. Now where is the fun in that?   Shades of orange with hues of blue The sky is night... Continue Reading →

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