I Didn’t Get My Way

That one time I wanted to marry this guy Spend the rest of my life with him, Not realizing what a train wreck he was How terrible it would have been. How I would have clawed my way out of it Begging for it to be over For the pain to stop.. I'm glad I... Continue Reading →

The Moment

The moment I touch you My life will be complete. Everything I've ever wanted Right at my fingertips.   The moment I become your wife I'll have taken the vow I've wanted to take Since I knew I was waiting for you.   The moment I make love with you I give myself completely To... Continue Reading →

You’ll Forget

Did you hear them say it stops hurting? That if you just walk away from her Eventually, with some time, It will all just go away?   You'll forget the way she talked The way she mispronounced your mothers name Which you knew was on purpose But never said anything.   You'll forget the night... Continue Reading →


He has a photo collage of you at his desk Showing four pictures representing Four different times of your life. He hasn't looked at it in ages Because it doesn't interest him anymore. She has a ring on her finger You put on it four years ago. She takes it off sometimes When it suits... Continue Reading →

I Need To Hear You Say It

I don't need to hear you tell me you're broken That nothing you said you meant. I don't want you to tell me I'm crazy Don't want to hear you tell me to vent. I just want truth to come out tonight Maybe over a little wine? I'll pour it in a nice glass for... Continue Reading →

I want a beautiful ring on my hand Not for its material value But for what it will mean to us. A ring that only I will wear To show that of all the women in the world You chose to love me. A token from you With words spoken from your heart Is all... Continue Reading →

You say things about me Terrible things That people should never Say about their daughter. You probably wish I was never born Never taken to your house That you never laid eyes on me. Maybe you wish That wave that took me out Would have killed me. I try to ignore it Time and time... Continue Reading →

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