Wish It Was Me

So many times in my life I've sat here On this bed Wishing With everything I had - I was the one you were holding at night Or sitting on the couch with Watching a movie Or kissing. I wish that was me In that peach dress Waling towards you - About to become your... Continue Reading →

I Love

I love the sun The way it lays across the land. An open And ever friendly hand. The shade When the sun begins to blare. A secret place Nobody knew was there. The shadows Ever following us around. His voice The most soothing of sound. The temptation That comes with being whole. The craving That... Continue Reading →

Wish That Was Me

When she's walking down the aisle Holding flowers in her hands Walking towards you With nothing but love in her eyes Hope in her heart I wish that was me.   When she's kissing you at night Laying beautifully in your arms Breathing softly on your skin As you both fall asleep. I wish that... Continue Reading →


You can have candy without a wrapper A toy without the prize A winning lottery ticket That's just the right size. A hard hit in a battle You didn't know you were in. A flash in a pan of a wildfire Where you didn't know where to begin. You can have all the fish in... Continue Reading →

For You

I'll make life A little simpler Easier For you to navigate. I'll remove An obstacle You've been dancing around For days.   For you I'll extract The memory Of And the future Of Me.


My skin is soft as leather It would feel perfectly upon yours.   Yesterday I cocked a gun Not really, I just like saying that word. I'm a little naughty around the edges But in a library can be a nerd.   I can be a nasty whore in your bed Then a lady with... Continue Reading →

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