It so much better wrapped up darkness With absolutely no source of light. If you can't please a lady during the day What makes you think you can at night? I'm strong, you'll have to be stronger I'm not looking for a boy. I'd rather have you hunting a warrior Than trying to find a... Continue Reading →

He Lives

I barely make it through my day Without thinking of your face. Can't lay down in bed at night Without thinking of your embrace. Costly words and harsh intention Tuck your tail and run. It isn't hiding if nobody is chasing Then really, where is the fun? To everyone I know he doesn't exist He's... Continue Reading →

The Path to Me

Winding long and narrow Terrifying in every way Nothing to drink or eat And man, do you have to pay. Spiders and snakes and frogs Laying right there in your path Walking around them isn't an option You'll have to take their wrath. Spitting fire and daggers There are dragons along the way Gnarly beasts... Continue Reading →


She foretold of a future in danger A resurrection would take place Someone would rise from the ashes To attempt at a whole new face. This one would cry in agony When someone would admit defeat Lost are those in danger When they don't know when to retreat.   She foretold of a love that... Continue Reading →

You Can Pretend

There you go You have permission To act like she was a coward. You have permission To tell everyone How you rescued her How you loved her deeply And she did you so wrong! You can cry at the loss Of what you thought would be forever Change your phone number In case she ever... Continue Reading →

Will You Make Her Yours?

We can all plainly see This one enjoys dangling her off the cliff Then pulling her back in So he can be her hero. This other one tries But he's married With kids. Another is betrothed To someone He can never have Yet he wants her.   She's starting to think She isn't good enough... Continue Reading →

When You Speak

She claims he never hears her That she is frustrated Tired of yelling at him; Ready to walk away.   Perhaps it is because men Real men Don't hear yelling.   Perhaps it is because ladies Real ladies Don't yell.    

Fickle Little Bitch

You waste your energy saying my name In the presence of anyone Let alone ilk like you. Waste a perfectly good and clear thought When you think of me Because other than right this second I haven't thought of you once. Wasting your crocodile tears Trying to get yourself laid In a country Where obviously... Continue Reading →

Old Times

A fire, a beer, and memories Two old friends talking about the past Remembering everything yet not completely One or the other has to finish the story. Lightening off in the distance Reminds them of the time they hid in the forest Waiting for the storm to pass So they could run home.   Laughing,... Continue Reading →

Born Human

In every non-tumultuous moment derived There would be three of them Where you could barely maintain your sanity. For every minute of peace you stole There would be ten Where chaos would fuck you in dark corners And all the open spaces You like to stand in.   Born a bakers son The Ides of... Continue Reading →

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