I Don’t Think I Miss You Anymore

The heavy rains Clouds hovered over Lightening took the faith in me Yet I refused to take cover. Wishing you were what you said I finally laid down my shield That was then, this is now Today I would not yield. I don't think I miss you anymore You're just another lock on a shut... Continue Reading →

I Knew I Would Miss You

There are lights above the parlor If you squint, you may see them. I can barely make out the form of your body In this much darkness. Heightened senses leaves us aware Of everything, but the sound. Ripples in a pond barely rattle us While the thunder reminds us of the night we made love.... Continue Reading →

I Remember I Miss You

When you rhyme a song The voice is strong I remember I miss you. The weather is rainy The television is grainy I remember I miss you. When life is hard Got dealt the wrong card I remember I miss you. Right now as I sit A little lit I miss you.

You Can’t Miss Me

Quietly, with malicious intent A high regard for indecency A low fuse burns silently Insidious cries heard But were never seen.   He would have been A great canidate For everlasting love Many many years Before he met me.   The putrid smell He casts out Is typically only mediated By the fact you want... Continue Reading →


Flowing rivers from the sound That is the heartbeat of you and I. We are separated by distance But never within our hearts. Accents may provide a distraction But in my mind, we are the same. Today I spent time reading through our writing Falling in love with you all over again. Remembering falling asleep... Continue Reading →

The last time I saw you Was the very last breath I took, You held me tightly in your arms Begging me not to die Telling me everything would be alright. Everything wasn't alright I was very old and very sick. As I laid there dying My mind went back to our past To loving... Continue Reading →

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