Little Blue Eyes

A child is born in sin Regret takes her places Both parties Just want her "away" From them.   Seemingly undeniable The truth lingers within the lie. There is no judge or jury for this Just an inability to cry.   Tender hands reaching out Trying to find love Where there is none.   Running... Continue Reading →

Out There

Out there somewhere Is someone Wanting someone Exactly like you.   But what if you were unplanned, A mistake? What if then, There is nobody?

You’ve Made A Mistake

Pouring out the life of me Seemed an endless quest for blood. I didn't know it would be so easy To pretend we weren't playing in mud. Then one day I woke up from that dream Came to the realization this was my life right here. It was as if someone else told me to... Continue Reading →


He said "I've never beat her" But he lies He knows no truth. She's a woman that walked a path Most of us try to avoid. Then she listened to his lies His excuses All the pathetic excuses For his abuse. One day she will turn the tables He will be on the wrong end... Continue Reading →

Very Basic Rules

A large room filled with bodies Most of them talking About whatever is important to them Just then. One by one we fall to grace; Die by the sword As we should Because nobody likes someone Raised in his image That cannot seem to follow Some very basic rules. I drive too fast Smoke too... Continue Reading →

My Other Life

What I am doing today Is what I was supposed to do In a parallel life. I'm getting married To a wonderful man That treats me like a queen. What I really did Was go to the doctor And complain about mistakes. In my parallel life I have everything I ever wanted And everyone. In... Continue Reading →

Apology accepted again Now clean your plate this time Stop making a mess of my world Push your chair up closer to your plate The next time I won't be so forgiving Use the napkin I have provided for you I don't know how I can trust you again Why do you cut your steak... Continue Reading →

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