There Are No Others

You can't kill words No matter how much you hate them. You can stop a beating heart Emotionally devastate a family Ruin every form of peace This world requires But you will never silence love. You cannot carry a Qur'an Spouting words of love and mercy Then kill someone Because it isn't the way. Your... Continue Reading →

Not All Of Me Shall Die

Spoiled rotten from what she thinks she deserves Handed over to the someone else to decide her fate A wanderer, with no family to claim her So there would be no reward. She handed a coin to the jailor Whispered to him "Primum non nocere." Then blew a powder in his face. He fell to... Continue Reading →


I asked for mercy Obtained it in the murder of my soul Every time they told me How worthless I am. I requested peace Obtained it in the screaming About how stupid I was And still am today. I begged for forgiveness For approval For them to be proud of me For anything. I was... Continue Reading →

Going through the motions one night Just barely hanging on by a thread. The thoughts of what I nearly wanted Still dangling around in my head. Embers still burn for someone else While in this one I found discord. With one small touch I reached for freedom It was in the shape of a beautiful... Continue Reading →

He decides his life is over Tonight will be the night. Everything will suddenly end Especially this big fight.   He decides to use a weapon Today will be a gun. He left a note for mother And his only living son.   A crescendo to what was A beautiful mess of a life. Ends... Continue Reading →

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