Too Busy Loving Him

I'd write the most beautiful love story That would have everyone jealous Of the love these two people carry In their hearts. Paint a masterpiece of artwork Somewhere in this world That people could go See what kind of beautiful he makes my life. I would write the most beautiful Piece of music Anyone has... Continue Reading →

The Dancer

There is a picture in my head of a dancer Floating all around the room Eyes closed, hands in the air You can almost feel this beautiful rose bloom. She isn't hearing any of the talking As the people gather to see This miraculous woman that seems to be dancing Everyone's enjoyment for free. She... Continue Reading →

I could memorize every song Be the most beautiful woman Or the smartest of all he knows. There was a time I would give anything Wanted to make up for his terrible past And be his wonderful future. As I sit here tonight Ignored again I realize He doesn't want me.

Anyone that knows me knows I love music, I don't even care what kind it is, although I'm not a huge fan of jazz or blues. Da Vinci, with lead singer Declan Sharma, is what I would describe as honest, raw music, with an edge. Declan is a great singer, and you can tell he... Continue Reading →

Moving in rhythm across the floor You and I Swaying to an old song We forgot long ago. My hand in yours for the journey But only for this dance. We glide off to the left As I look into your eyes. We both know we love one another But this is not the right... Continue Reading →

It has been so long since I've heard your voice The accent that lays so beautifully against my ear. I know I'm not supposed to.. But one thing we've learned Time and time again Is that our heart will not lie. I wonder if you ever think of me While singing in hues That most... Continue Reading →

When he whispers He speaks directly to my soul. It's deeper than "He understands me" Or "He makes me happy." His voice Soothes my soul. His presence Makes everything I've gone through Seem somehow worth it Because he wanted a woman Who could withstand Adapt Overcome. I cannot possibly tell you what he means to... Continue Reading →

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