Out There

Out there somewhere Is someone Wanting someone Exactly like you.   But what if you were unplanned, A mistake? What if then, There is nobody?


A single moment That lives in infinity With just enough clarity To make you weak. A singular lapse of judgement Where you are forced To either cry Or leave. Wishing takes it away Through viscosity though We can go to a whole new level.   Tears stream down the face Of a man that regrets... Continue Reading →

Nobody Knows

At first I was all alone Standing in the middle of traffic With these bastards honking at me Asking me why I was standing there To get out of the road. I don't know why I was there But I didn't want to move The power of the cars rushing by me The sound they... Continue Reading →

How Is That?

If I have to Make my own coffee Talk to myself in the morning Make my list of chores Masterbate Warm myself Drive everywhere Take out my own trash Listen to myself complain Make my bed Clean my clothes Cry alone Console myself Remember who to trust. Get frustrated and have nobody To listen to... Continue Reading →

Naked in Darkness

Teeth are for biting Nails for scratching Words are for love Let nothing distract us. Swaying to music To undress my mind Clothes begin to fall In darkness. Everything stops For the moment. There are no deadlines We aren't waiting for anything Nobody is calling Because our phones Are shut off. We are lost in... Continue Reading →

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