I Walked Away

You fell down a cliff So I tied a rope around myself To go down and get you But you cut the rope And let me fall. You were flailing in water I thought you were drowning So I went out to get you And you pulled me under Drowning me. You were dying of... Continue Reading →


When you feel like you are at the top of the world There isn't anything you cannot do The world falls at your feet As you walk past. When he makes you feel Like nothing you do is wrong. Remember this In one second That same world The same person Can make you feel Like... Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Time

Once it gave me courage To think someone out there In the great beyond Cared about me Thought about me Wanted me. Now I find it boring Not like painting your nails boring But watching it dry boring.   It is as unfulfilling As getting sand When you're dying Of a thirst.   All the... Continue Reading →

Where I Stand

When I'm in the middle I'm too far right. When I'm backing up I'm leaving the scene of the fight. It's always the scene that creates the diversion The crash that always settles the score One diversion away from a deal One night stand away from being a whore. I'm one second too late from... Continue Reading →


A single moment That lives in infinity With just enough clarity To make you weak. A singular lapse of judgement Where you are forced To either cry Or leave. Wishing takes it away Through viscosity though We can go to a whole new level.   Tears stream down the face Of a man that regrets... Continue Reading →

See Through Glass

He wondered How she could not see it? Clear as glass Right in front of her; Yet she denied Its existence. He brought her closer Shook his head As she was standing Before it Yet still didn't see it. So he left her.   The next man took her; She didn't want to be left... Continue Reading →

Afraid of the Dark?

Silly person Why would I ever be afraid of the dark When everything bad That has ever happened to me Has happened in broad daylight, Typically with other people watching And doing nothing? Would it not make more sense For me to be afraid Of people? Or doing nothing?

His Kind of Crazy

An arrow shot in the direction of you But for no other reason than sin. We've taken what we can of the others Yet nobody knew when this fight would begin. Someone once fell in a field of ashes After a fire destroyed the town. I stood right in the middle of it yelling In... Continue Reading →

Stand Still

Stand still Because the force of wind Will go around you And you will see How powerful You truly are.   Sometimes I want you To come to me Regardless of my mood Or what I have said, Gently take my hand into yours Look me in the eyes And tell me You aren't going... Continue Reading →

I Don't Want To Know

I don't want to know what your favorite color is Or what you ordered for dessert tonight. I don't want to know what kind of car you drive Or where you were 3 hours ago. I want to know what you do when you hear the rain on the roof When you look down and... Continue Reading →

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