Afraid of the Dark

Hands wrapped around my waist I think we've taken this too far. Incredulous eyes scan the perimeter But all I see is my car. My first thought is I need to flee But I've really nowhere to go. The second thought is of course to fight, And man, wouldn't that be a show.   Blue... Continue Reading →


I remember kissing you In the rain The water running down our faces Yet we didn't care Because we were in love. I remember feeling you Really feeling you In the middle of the night When there was only you and I. I remember loving you More than I loved anything, Wanting you More than... Continue Reading →

Another Night in the Dark

She will end up to be the one that simply got away The very last walk in the park. The very moment of truth in a tragedy While you sit alone in the dark. She'll be the reason you can't sleep a wink You get up and pace the floor. She'll be the reason you... Continue Reading →


The sun rose over the mountains The grass had tender dew Her feet touched the earth Everything was beautiful. A friend came over to say hello They sat and had coffee Talked and laughed about their past It was beautiful. He came over to take her out They planned lunch together Then a nice walk... Continue Reading →

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