Passion of Betrayal

When our hands touched The universe took its sweet time Letting me know Nothing Would be alright again. When your lips touched mine Oh wait That never happened. There is a passion in betrayal Nobody understands Until the moment they realize Someone they love Has done something so terrible to them That the damage Is... Continue Reading →

Dust on a Table

I am the dust that settles on a table You haven't sat at in years. The moment of glory in a situation That brings the room to tears. Never quite enough for forever Just a glance of what we were. I'm the the freedom found within a flag And an extra shot, just to be... Continue Reading →

Take Me

Set my glass one the counter Hard. It was time to stop talking Time for you to be a man. One moment I am talking The next I am against you Breathing hard Telling you To take my clothes off.   You begin to undress me Slowly, But that isn't what I want So I... Continue Reading →

Before Me

He stands before me As I've always wished But I know not what to do first. So he takes my hand Kisses me gently on the lips Then runs his hand down my ribs. I let out a light sigh as the touch of him Excites me to the point I want to rip his... Continue Reading →

Blended Hearts

First she dances dangerously close to the edge of reason Beyond the point that many would go. Then she meets her match, He is perfect for her, in every way. There is but one catch; She must first learn to let go Of everything that has ever made her so afraid That she would rather... Continue Reading →


Stress overtakes a life Meant for the destruction Of the weak. Life meanders as it does Without paying attention To the foreground. Once a silent victim Of the storm Now I am the leader.   Sometimes I need to escape To be away from the reality That consumes me.   As parts of me are... Continue Reading →

For You, Not Them

You may not like every word I write Or believe in your heart it is true. I'm the aftermath of love gone wrong A woman a little bit askew. I've taken risks and lost it all Believed in my heart a lie Been the butt of jokes I didn't know Felt smaller than a fly.... Continue Reading →


I will no longer be hidden in the shadows Or be with someone that denies they love me. I will no longer take the path of least resistance Or blame my path on anyone else. I will not continue to let this love strangle me Instead I will find one that sets me free. I... Continue Reading →

Naked to the Core

Two bodies lie within inches of one another Naked to the core of their being Tender touching releases the feelings That then become much more fervent. What began as a hand running down a back Ends with nails scratching deeply into skin. A soft kiss upon eager lips Ends with biting and sucking at her... Continue Reading →


Clear conscience in what you thought was the end A windy road leads you to your next goal. Finding the strength and courage to let go Of what dangles heavily within your soul. Passion grazes over you like the wind Never penetrating, not for a moment. A series of events lead you to lust But... Continue Reading →

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