Dear God

I know we haven't been very close But I have another request This time if you could do it That would be great. The last time I spoke to you I asked you to make him mine Now he's walked away from me I suppose it wasn't very specific. If you could just grant These... Continue Reading →

The last time I saw you Was the very last breath I took, You held me tightly in your arms Begging me not to die Telling me everything would be alright. Everything wasn't alright I was very old and very sick. As I laid there dying My mind went back to our past To loving... Continue Reading →

In a life we forgot to live We loved one another And our imperfections. We were forbidden Because of our religion To be together. In another life Met by chance Destiny took over. We loved one another All our lives With nary a thought Of the next one. In this life We found one another... Continue Reading →

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