A Beautiful Beginning

It's a beautiful beginning When she tries to steal your heart. The problem with the entire thing Is she'll rip it completely apart. Her smile will calm your storms Her sex will give you peace. A moment of clarity will give you vision But the pain will never cease. You'll find pieces of her in... Continue Reading →

Blur of Necessity

He says he whispers to me in the darkness But he doesn't remember what he said. His life is a blur of necessity He can't get me out of his head. Love comes in little pieces With every part of me he sees. He looks at every one intently They are beautiful, he believes. I'm... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Me

I've lost myself In pieces of me I've inadvertently given away To people undeserving And unappreciative. I lost parts myself In moments I thought took nothing But in retrospect Took much. At this rate There will be nothing of me When I die.

I Swear

There are women in this world That would never cuss I'm not one of them. If you don't want a bitch Then don't be one.   Here I sit in stillness It keeps the demons at bay If you are a man, and not a boy Then let's not speak of play.   One forces... Continue Reading →

I am so terribly broken Pieces of me lie on the ground. Sometimes someone comes along Sees a piece they like Pick it up Think "wow, this is a great piece." After a while It's really not that great So they throw it back down With all of the other pieces.

In desolate darkness With a blindfold on They led me to the dock Where a boat sat. I declined the invitation To ride with them. When they left, I took the blindfold off The boat blew up. A man standing next to me Said "Why didn't you get on it?" I looked at him as... Continue Reading →

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