The Storm That Built Her

Born of greed and anger Then left to deal with the aftermath For a child, unbearable.   A phoenix spawned from fire As she walks through the heat It means nothing to her The ashes became her past The embers, her friends The raging fire is her "now" Her body, the vessel.   The two... Continue Reading →

Walking Away From Danger

She smiled as she walked away From the danger she sat in for years. There was a moment she regretted everything Then the sudden insurgence of tears. Laid the note on their table To read at a later time. It wasn't the fact that she had no match It was that she never did the... Continue Reading →

I Don't Want To Be Here

Sitting at the train station Waiting for someone Yet I don't know who. I don't want to be here.   At the ocean The lighthouse peers out Looking for something I don't want to be here.   Standing in line Behind many people That are much more patient I don't want to be here.  ... Continue Reading →

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