The Fire

He dances within the fire Flames whipping with the wind His eyes a shade of red That would frighten most. Nothing touches him When he's within the fire. He flies around Knowing he can hurt a human For days With just one sting. Nothing touches him When he flies. The crows fly in Taking what... Continue Reading →

I’m Yours

Wrapped in a cloak of protection Weapons scattered around the place Where most men want to see tits and ass You want to see my face. Whether we say it tonight Or never give a clue Doesn't take away from the fact I belong to you. While some are worried About checkmarks and scores I... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Own That Kind of Power

He sits back in his chair Taking in a long, deep breath Thinking he has finally gotten to her Because this write is most certainly about him. It declares a heartbreak! Then remembering someone from the past She is certain would never have hurt her.   But it isn't about him; It is just a... Continue Reading →

What I Believe

I believe there are more colors to a rainbow That what we can truly see. I believe there is more passion found in hidden places Deep inside of me. I believe wars are fought every day Only the evil survives. I believe that sometimes when I meet someone We've met in other lives. I believe... Continue Reading →

The Power of Love

It is the most wonderful sensation; Being in love. As if the wind is going straight through you Not stopping at you any longer. The sun in the sky is your spotlight Finding him, no matter where he goes. It is as if you are being lifted into the sky By the love of the... Continue Reading →

Did You?

Did you ever want to fix a girl? Turn around and want to change her world? Maybe she doesn't know how Maybe her past has clouded her 'now' She never really feels at peace Because her anger she never felt release.   Did you ever want to just reach out Found her angry and foreboding... Continue Reading →

I Swear

There are women in this world That would never cuss I'm not one of them. If you don't want a bitch Then don't be one.   Here I sit in stillness It keeps the demons at bay If you are a man, and not a boy Then let's not speak of play.   One forces... Continue Reading →

For The Love of Everything

Sinking in  a feeling I cannot resolve I sit staring at the one thing that I broke Wondering if maybe I can put it back together The way it was before I made such a terrible mistake.   My life carries a burden That I've handed over to someone greater than me It is almost... Continue Reading →


I had my nightclothes on So I slipped on my robe Drove over to his house Knocked on the door. He wasn't expecting me I had never come over this late.   His brown eyes were weary Of a long day he had. I told him I just wanted to come in And no, I... Continue Reading →

I Need You To Touch Me

Run your finger across my lips Or maybe touch them with yours I don't care what part of your body does it I just want to be touched by you.   Touch your chest Up against mine As you grab up my hair To kiss my neck I don't care how aggressively you do it... Continue Reading →

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