You Can Tell Her Anything

A fork, a knife, a spoon to taste Nothing on this table to waste We all know it isn't kind to let the table sit.   I was angry because of who I'd become Angry, jaded, and full of rum Nothing beats a woman with a grudge.   Then she meets a man with integrity... Continue Reading →

Meant To Protect

We women are predisposed To tend to people Take care of the ones we love What happens though When we've taken too much?   Today I defy all the notions That I'm so terribly understanding So horribly forgiving That I'm often used As a doormat. Today I want to call bluffs Trump the fuck out... Continue Reading →


  Are the reason that I live With nothing left to give Everything is for you.   Are the passion deep inside No reason left to hide It was in me all along.   Shield me from the pain Protect me from the rain I've always told you that.   Are the one worth fighting... Continue Reading →

Dear God

I know we haven't been very close But I have another request This time if you could do it That would be great. The last time I spoke to you I asked you to make him mine Now he's walked away from me I suppose it wasn't very specific. If you could just grant These... Continue Reading →

I want to be held tightly in your arms Not worrying about anything Or thinking of anything. To be held in a cocoon of protection That is you. Hear words that come from your heart And proceed Straight into mine. One night Where nothing comes between us Where we hear nothing but one another. Tomorrow... Continue Reading →

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