He Said This Was Yours

Would he die to protect you from harm? Would he leap in front of that car? Would he grab the moon to show his love? Or bring you from heaven a star?   How do you know that he loves you? Does it say it, and therefore it is true? Have you not heard they... Continue Reading →

Secrets Wander

Jealousy isn't a door, it is a mirror, a reflection of your fears and thoughts.   A tender leaf falls to the ground We both watch its decent to death For those few seconds we are quiet Everything seems so still You notice me look to the ground Realizing we are at a turning point.... Continue Reading →

Depression is a ladder that is climbed We hope to never make it to the top rung Where we fling ourselves from it And fall. The first rung is a feeling we get That we are a complete failure in life That nothing we do is right. The second rung is confirmation of that By... Continue Reading →

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