The Breeze

I’ve gotten my cup of coffee from Starbucks sat down on the porch. He smiles as I sit, moving over a little to let me have more room to sit down. We begin talking about fishing, because he knows I didn’t go this year wants to know why. I tell him my job has taken... Continue Reading →

Standing Next to Death

Swirling winds around me Lifts my hair in front of my face So the only thing I can see Are traces of who I was Before this unnatural storm. Rain starts hitting my shoulders As I stand to reap What, apparently, I deserve. Tears get lost in the raindrops Because there is no reaching out... Continue Reading →


I came in like a hurricane They told me it was sink or swim That all my life would be this way But forgot to mention him. Life wandered aimlessly Then it began to rain I left so much of myself In years of unrelenting pain.   I came in like a hurricane The first... Continue Reading →

You Aren’t Fighting the Storm

Suited up Ready for the battle Standing in the middle Of a raging storm. Thinking if you win This one battle Against this storm You are a hero to yourself. The problem is The storm is above you Where you Cannot reach. You aren't fighting the storm You fight the rain in your face The... Continue Reading →

Except In The Rain

He tells tales interwoven with lies He's kept in his head for years If you call him on any of it It reduces the man to tears. A gloomy day he met his match In a battle of wits and charmed regale It wasn't the noblest thing to do Especially when one would fail. He... Continue Reading →

Afraid of the Rain?

We've got our boots sitting on the porch A scarf laying on the table Life beating in every cell Just hoping that we are able. I've got a coat hanging up In the closet of my room Though I'm tenderly undressing a thought Still growing within a womb. Gloves laying on the table Next to... Continue Reading →

But Him

Laying in a muddy pasture Beautiful white flowing dress Rain falling down all over her While the dress changes to a soothing brown Slowly. She closes her eyes And thinks of nothing But him.

I Wish

I wish I could feel his breath on my neck Wish I could feel him within Want every part of his love around me Wish he didn't act so grim.   I wish he still believed in fairy tales That maybe he thought I was the one I'm sure he's past the stage of dreaming... Continue Reading →

Embellish the Cause

Rain begins to hit a roof The one directly over your head You wonder quietly to yourself Why doesn't it hit me instead?   I've whispered words to you in darkness They never saw the light Once I mentioned the name you despise But it didn't turn into a fight.   In silence you can... Continue Reading →


The path we choose to take is riddled with turns Doubt starts to creep into your lazy head As you think that maybe you took a wrong turn This isn't the way you were supposed to go Things are not right just now.. Maybe you can turn around Take another turn somewhere. Maybe you said... Continue Reading →

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