Isn't That Enough?

He doesn't call me in the middle of the night Just to hear my voice. I believe The voice that once roused him Now irritates him. If only I sounded like her...   Thinking I would play in the highway There was no way Anyone was standing for that So, in the pouring rain I... Continue Reading →

Faith & Dreams

Give me some faith Give it today I don't have the strength To give it away. If I fell from grace It was due to the pain Caused from the hope That subsists within rain.   There are women in this world That you sit and wait for; They will pursue you, Relentlessly.   Then... Continue Reading →


Soft, arid, dry.. I have often compared myself to a desert.     Let us make love like a desert storm Let the wind blow lightly between our bodies Then little raindrops like kisses All over us Then bring in the passion of thunder And lightening With a rain that pounds on us From above.... Continue Reading →

I Wish It Would Snow

I really like the snow It isn't like rain It requires no accompaniment No loud thunder Or cracks of lightening. It falls gently to the Earth Quietly blanketing the area With its beautiful white nostalgia. There is nothing else in this world That could change our landscape To a beautiful brilliant white But snow. The... Continue Reading →

Like Hands

Like hands held up to the sky Praising whatever being they like. I lie in the sand and watch the clouds roll by With nobody disturbing me at all. I wonder sometimes, if he has found a bird That sings a song Nearly as beautiful as the one we sang When we were together And... Continue Reading →

Let Me Be Your Star

Climb into my window Then onto my bed I want you to undress me Before anything is said. We don't need an introduction I already know who you are. Come let it rain on me Let me be your star. Face me in the moonlight So you can see what I have to please. A... Continue Reading →

The Rain

I took off my shirt in the rain Needing to feel it on my breasts Holding my head back The wetness trailed down me In a pattern I traced with my finger. There is none of him on me There never has been He isn't strong enough To touch me He isn't like this rain... Continue Reading →

After The Rain

The sweat from our bodies Collides with the rain Pouring down From an unforgiving sky We grasp at flesh Moan into one another Trying desperately To reach climax Before the storm ends After the rain We both lie there Still holding on To one another Wanting more.

The Beautiful Storm

First, you hear the thunder; Loud and domineering The fierceness cuts like a knife Then the rain begins It pours on you like guilt; Unrelenting. Lightening cracks and bends Hitting the tallest things first So we don't need to worry. Life is like this storm; Raging just when it is least convenient Loud and obnoxious... Continue Reading →

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