Dust on a Table

I am the dust that settles on a table You haven't sat at in years. The moment of glory in a situation That brings the room to tears. Never quite enough for forever Just a glance of what we were. I'm the the freedom found within a flag And an extra shot, just to be... Continue Reading →

My Little Place

I found a little place in this world Where I can be myself Talk about my crazy ideas Talk about life Explore the deepest parts Of my soul. I found a little place in this world Where I can speak Without being interrupted Where I can twirl like a ballerina Or sing, claiming to sound... Continue Reading →

How Is That?

If I have to Make my own coffee Talk to myself in the morning Make my list of chores Masterbate Warm myself Drive everywhere Take out my own trash Listen to myself complain Make my bed Clean my clothes Cry alone Console myself Remember who to trust. Get frustrated and have nobody To listen to... Continue Reading →


I have a messed up version of reality And this anger thing, really I'm not good with times and dates Have no clue how to make chili. Not the best at keeping track Don't care about the score In the daylight I'm quite the lady At night I'll be your whore. I'm shameless when it... Continue Reading →

For You, Not Them

You may not like every word I write Or believe in your heart it is true. I'm the aftermath of love gone wrong A woman a little bit askew. I've taken risks and lost it all Believed in my heart a lie Been the butt of jokes I didn't know Felt smaller than a fly.... Continue Reading →

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