Keep Me Alive

Breathe air into my caustic lungs Until I know that everything I see is real. Know that the life we begin to see in this world Is much more than anyone can take in a meal. Keep me alive with the fragrance of love Written in skies that nobody can feel. The silent words you... Continue Reading →

He Only Has A Memory

Hurried around the place a bit Didn't know which to believe. Water runs parallel to the land Something was up his sleeve. He swears loyalty to his land Yet fidelity to the cause. Life continued without him Doesn't come with a pause. He sighed when he read the paper, She was about to be wed.... Continue Reading →

Pernicious Beauty

The sun peeks into the window Upon her naked body To warm her; She greets it with a smile.   Most find her so charming So sociable and amicable Like an angel; A true friend to all.   Others see the darkness in her They know what she thinks Or have been privy to her... Continue Reading →


Stopping along the path In a beautiful rain Where you don't really get damp Just feels like a heavy dew. Look over at a tree Realizing I've been passing them for years With nary a thought of them Now I'm thinking I should stop a minute Take a look at one more closely Maybe even... Continue Reading →

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