On A Frozen Pond

We couldn't get our footing Didn't completely understand why. We'd get up, put our hands into place Literally almost die. So we tried to just walk along Conversation was sparse. We'd try to talk, but the sliding around Make the entire thing a farce. We realized quite quickly That although both were quite fond We... Continue Reading →


He leans back on the bar Not really looking all that clever But everyone seems to like him Maybe he has something nobody can see.   He didn't like the hunch He didn't like to fuck He really didn't like the things She said to him in the truck. He didn't like the bitch in her... Continue Reading →

A Shame In Darkness

Like proverbial man that watches you from across the room; You don't know whether to fuck him Or kill him. You know you could wrap your entire world Around his Then destroy him Within a month. Now where is the fun in that?   Shades of orange with hues of blue The sky is night... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Do That

Craved and I learned a lesson Hidden meaning between the lies That were supposed to be apparent But were not to me. Cries never heard in darkness They fall like rain As I do Nobody warned me about that. Hidden dangers under covers Between breaths that were not his I was warned against all of... Continue Reading →


Someday you will have to let her go You will have to face the fact That you walked away from her When she needed you. You will have to stop wanting; To hear her voice See her beautiful face Touch her in places that you know Only you are. Someday you will have to convince... Continue Reading →

Isn't That Enough?

He doesn't call me in the middle of the night Just to hear my voice. I believe The voice that once roused him Now irritates him. If only I sounded like her...   Thinking I would play in the highway There was no way Anyone was standing for that So, in the pouring rain I... Continue Reading →

She's Not Gone Yet

Remember how tough you were When you broke up? How you said you could go on without her Just fine? Whatever happened with that?   Like a sleeping tigress In the recesses of your mind; She lies in wait. You throw your flirting Around a crowded and drunken room But nobody takes the bait.  ... Continue Reading →

Three Heads. No Heart.

Three heads etched in stone...   One begs to play with my mind He doesn't want anything substantial; Just to play with my head a bit Before he goes on about his life. He claims to be part of it Yet when I go home, I am still as alone As I was the day... Continue Reading →

Everything In Me

Blank look on various faces; Nobody knows what to think. A mask lays on the floor His arm; Outstretched Like he intended to grab it But didn't.   The detective walks in Looks carefully around the room Asks me if I saw anything; I put the knife down Exclaimed I didn't. He picked up the... Continue Reading →

What You Require

Pangs of what was barely left of me Reaching for a sword I swore was left Yet no weapon was there. Stranded on a bed of nails Sat on the shore for hours Whispering everything he ever said to me In every language I knew Even Hebrew. I closed my eyes for a moment Remembered... Continue Reading →

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