A Little Touch of Madness

I have A little touch of madness With an empty cup of trust. Some aching need I never divulge Even to those I pretend to trust. Enough sanity to make you wonder And beauty to make it fade. A wonderful sense of freedom Just too bad you won't get laid. I have A maniacal sense... Continue Reading →

The Power of Love

It is the most wonderful sensation; Being in love. As if the wind is going straight through you Not stopping at you any longer. The sun in the sky is your spotlight Finding him, no matter where he goes. It is as if you are being lifted into the sky By the love of the... Continue Reading →

Owns This Land

There is a war going on Not the one the media wants you to see But the one behind the lines Behind the pictures Behind the scenes. It isn't over religion Or oil Greed Money Envy.. It is over entitlement Who has the most pure blood? Who truly owns this land?   I have news... Continue Reading →

Turn Them Away

I went to our local preacher With a question I needed to ask His answer was not definitive Which really put me to task. I said "how do we love our neighbor Yet we turn these immigrants away? How do we justify the love our God Why can't we just let them stay?" He said... Continue Reading →

I will not let my past define me I will judge myself based on my right now. I will not allow bad thoughts to ruin my day I will think only good things about myself, and the world around me. I will not let the actions of others dictate how I feel, or what I... Continue Reading →

In a life we forgot to live We loved one another And our imperfections. We were forbidden Because of our religion To be together. In another life Met by chance Destiny took over. We loved one another All our lives With nary a thought Of the next one. In this life We found one another... Continue Reading →

There are many things you can do to me I'm sure you'll think of them all. Once the lady begins to fight You know she's taken the fall. Hate me because you think I'm smarter Or even better looking than you. Hate me because I'm overweight Or because my family grew. Hate me because of... Continue Reading →

Going through the motions one night Just barely hanging on by a thread. The thoughts of what I nearly wanted Still dangling around in my head. Embers still burn for someone else While in this one I found discord. With one small touch I reached for freedom It was in the shape of a beautiful... Continue Reading →

Hidden beneath the iniquities you have laid out in your mind The truth unfolds before you in a napkin made of granite Though you pierced your hand to make it seem as though you are righteous There are many of us that know the truth within you. I am no more frightened by your words... Continue Reading →

Three tears fell from my cheek I made the sign of a cross on my chest With a thorn Picked from a rose bush Growing in the garden Of a non believer. I prayed over water To make it holy Then I drank it And told them When it came out of me They could... Continue Reading →

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