She's a dangerous form of sexy With some undertones of  lust. She wants a freaky kind of sex That requires ironclad trust. Demands a sense of freedom You couldn't possibly disobey. She really really likes the game When she's not the only one to play. She's a loving sense of reality In a form of... Continue Reading →


When you feel like you are at the top of the world There isn't anything you cannot do The world falls at your feet As you walk past. When he makes you feel Like nothing you do is wrong. Remember this In one second That same world The same person Can make you feel Like... Continue Reading →

Another Night in the Dark

She will end up to be the one that simply got away The very last walk in the park. The very moment of truth in a tragedy While you sit alone in the dark. She'll be the reason you can't sleep a wink You get up and pace the floor. She'll be the reason you... Continue Reading →

I Remember I Miss You

When you rhyme a song The voice is strong I remember I miss you. The weather is rainy The television is grainy I remember I miss you. When life is hard Got dealt the wrong card I remember I miss you. Right now as I sit A little lit I miss you.

A Little Visit

Sometimes I like to go back To that old trailer in the woods. Look inside the windows Remember what it was like To be someone Nobody wanted.   Sometimes I like to remember what it was like To be that little girl; So afraid of everyone And everything That sometimes I wanted to die.  ... Continue Reading →

Do You Remember Me?

The woman that stayed on the phone with you So long you'd wake up in the morning, and we'd still be connected. The one that you could call angry, and end up laughing All night long at the silly stories and ideas I had. The one that said that one day we would be together... Continue Reading →

Remember Her

She was the one on her knees Crying and praying for you. Washing your clothing, tenderly Because she knows how much that dress means to you. Driving all over town to find you that perfect item You need Because it is YOU. Worrying Because it is her nature And she would die inside If anything... Continue Reading →

I Write

He leaned in toward me and whispered "Josephine, how do you write poems that turn me on so much?" I write the stuff that makes you hot Makes you think Tips your shit And makes you drink. I'm a feminist Pro-choice But really I write for those That never had a voice. I was given... Continue Reading →

Dear God

I know we haven't been very close But I have another request This time if you could do it That would be great. The last time I spoke to you I asked you to make him mine Now he's walked away from me I suppose it wasn't very specific. If you could just grant These... Continue Reading →

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