We had rules Specifically designed for this! You take from here, then give there Don't ever, ever kiss! I come along rather unguarded Just to get a feel Innocence isn't my thing But I'm ready to make a deal. They laid the rules before me As I handed them my token "Rest assured all those... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Sense of Reality

I'm a sexy form of fantasy Dangerous sense of reality All rolled into one. I'm a hell raiser in the middle of the night An angel during the day With a mix of adventurous fun. I'm the sex you want that makes you yearn The abstinence that makes you burn Yet something simply delicious you... Continue Reading →

Oppositional Defiance

He taps on the table As if that is supposed to speed me up Or make me worry I'm taking to long To think about his stupid question That truly doesn't deserve a response. Humans think because they put up a sign It is some kind of authority Or contains some kind of authority Over... Continue Reading →

Fragments of our lives lay Broken Irretrievably. Free, Like wind That gently blows over a prairie. We can always deny; But never can lie about The price we ended up paying. Fortunes lay wasted While we flutter about Trying to eat from the carcases Left to us By the hunters. We are the night stalkers;... Continue Reading →

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