So They Say…

Sex fulfills an appetite But done almost perfectly right Nothing ruins the moment like some sense. Tied up, nice and tight This isn't an ordinary night Time to make some love that we remember. We never planned it would go this way But this is something they all say The truth is we kinda hoped... Continue Reading →

Never Too Late

There is something to be said about nudity Standing before the light Not sure if this moment is real Nor caring if it is right. There are no shadows in this room Or time for speculation Just nudity and fervor And a little adulation. Looking in the mirror once I think it's finally time We... Continue Reading →

I Want

Distinct honesty Blatant Sexuality Honest ambivalence Beautiful passion Biting evening Honing eyes Rough holding Unwavering loyalty Complete nudity Unbridled ecstasy Unrelenting sex Lifetime loving Hours waiting Satiated yearning.

How Do You Want Me?

Do you want me really quiet Like a shy little girl? Maybe really loud Like an obnoxious politician? Would you like me to dress sexy Like your vixen in the night? Or dress with everything covered completely So only you know what lies beneath? Would you like me settled and responsible Or needing you at... Continue Reading →

Naked in Darkness

Teeth are for biting Nails for scratching Words are for love Let nothing distract us. Swaying to music To undress my mind Clothes begin to fall In darkness. Everything stops For the moment. There are no deadlines We aren't waiting for anything Nobody is calling Because our phones Are shut off. We are lost in... Continue Reading →

How About Some Sex?

You've met his mom And his dad They both fit within the fad. Make him cake Took him lunch Wanted grapes, you took a bunch. Watched his games Heard him snore You think he may be a bore? Wore him thin Wore him out But it was just a teeny little pout. You took him... Continue Reading →


Leather hits an eager ass A whimper is let out in haste. It's an opportunity for both of them That neither will waste. On her knees she begs for him Yet he hears nothing in the dark Fluids yearning to be released Nothing can happen right here in the park. Hands all over your body... Continue Reading →

Take Me

Set my glass one the counter Hard. It was time to stop talking Time for you to be a man. One moment I am talking The next I am against you Breathing hard Telling you To take my clothes off.   You begin to undress me Slowly, But that isn't what I want So I... Continue Reading →

Before Me

He stands before me As I've always wished But I know not what to do first. So he takes my hand Kisses me gently on the lips Then runs his hand down my ribs. I let out a light sigh as the touch of him Excites me to the point I want to rip his... Continue Reading →

The Dance

Our dance is not The feelings we have Before we make love. It isn't the way he moves into me When he knows I want him Terribly.   The dance my lover and I share Isn't made simply when we fuck It is afterward, in retrospect Thinking of our crazy amounts of luck.   It... Continue Reading →

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