Nobody Hears The Silence

The silence is deafening Resting ever so closely To my banging indifference to it. Storms keep coming in After aggression took over Hardly taking notice to it. Stories take to the shadows Where burdens lay their hat Nobody hears the silence. Vulnerabilities shake the tragedy Straight to the core But just before grief.

Significant Silence

Moments become memories Blowing around in our minds Making us think of times We never want to forget. A significant amount of silence Recharges our essence Although we never report it. Tears stream down faces Unable to come to terms With what life handed them. Go out into the storm Scream at it. Get out... Continue Reading →


Seasoned, like a piece of meat Ready to be put to the test. Honor is such a crazy word We Americans use in jest. Forcing the hands of others Taken with ruthless force We hand the enemy the weapon So it is their fault, of course.   Hands tell a story Of a long forgotten... Continue Reading →


There was a moment There was a feeling There was a sensation But there was no meaning. Things gone wrong as they do We left our hearts beating in the street. Sentiment without the display A pounding courage when souls meet. Written in stars so long ago Nobody alive would remember the feeling. Temperatures now... Continue Reading →

Spoke It Into Everything I Did

I willed it one day to be so Then spoke it into everything I did Promised myself solidarity With the integrity of a kid. I walk with the truth within me Spill it out every now and then. I understand continuity But don't know where or how to begin. There is beauty in hope and... Continue Reading →


I pushed the breather up against the wall Because those who breathe, tend to speak What they say, tends to elicit a response Right this moment, I crave silence. Born in the aftermath of hate With no regard for the life they made Pushed to the boundaries at Every single fucking turn. I've gotten up... Continue Reading →

Let us sit here On the edge of reason Where insanity and friendship collide In a beautiful show we call love. Let the sound of our understanding Gently mingle with the noiseless chatter of our silence. May our souls entwine in the colors Our voices are not making. Let us sit here in silence Saying... Continue Reading →

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