The look in his eyes When he first saw me. The smell of his car As he took me to eat. The way he ran his hand Gently down my back. The way we sat so close So effortlessly close To one another. It was how simple Yet complicated Everything was. Him, just trying to... Continue Reading →

He Sounded Like You

Whispers only my soul could hear The most tender voice I knew. What began as something quite simple Suddenly, and beautifully grew. He was speaking to my very soul Something told me he was the one. It was refreshing to feel so deeply To not be someone's idea of fun. The truth hasn't been told... Continue Reading →

There Are Places

Trees line a dirt road With the sun shining in front of us Darkness behind us. Why do we run back to the darkness? Why do we reference it to the sun That has no idea what we are talking about?   They've taken my mind Wrapped it around some bullshit They wanted to feed... Continue Reading →

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