Hand of the desert Between the rush of wind Cry of the rain And the warmth of the sun. Alternating Between the ice cold rush Of anger driven snow Falling on pines.   Melting like I'm supposed to.

Gray Coat

I see your brown eyes Wishing all the waves away. See them dancing in the moon As everything goes your way. I see your gray coat closed to all the weather Because life has decided you needed snow. It hides the lines you wish weren't there The frown you wish you didn't show. I see... Continue Reading →

Silence In The Snow

Born by an aftermath Spurned at every turn Lied to get the desired response Then waited for the sweet burn. Cried over what was left of fate Whispered that I didn't know how Told the truth to get out of debt Yet still had to pay him a cow.   I fell down a hill... Continue Reading →

I Wish It Would Snow

I really like the snow It isn't like rain It requires no accompaniment No loud thunder Or cracks of lightening. It falls gently to the Earth Quietly blanketing the area With its beautiful white nostalgia. There is nothing else in this world That could change our landscape To a beautiful brilliant white But snow. The... Continue Reading →

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