Where Do They Hide?

A masquerade Where everyone is nobody. Hiding what is wearing them But showing what they are wearing. We lit a fire for the festivities Because nothing says you are paying attention Than a huge fire in the middle of the room.   I played piano until I ran out of songs Then danced until I... Continue Reading →


When the thought of touching her Does more things to you, Inside of you As far down as your soul Than you could ever explain To anyone.   When she looks at you And for that moment You forget to breathe, Forget you need oxygen Or where you are Who you are Until your body... Continue Reading →

The Song You Sing

It's beautiful really, We hum it in our heads, This mesmerizing tune, That only you can sing. The words take everyone, Like a strong grasp, Leaving us breathless, And wanting More. Coupled with your looks, Those eyes, That smile, We are taken by it all, So very taken. We walk around, Singing what we think... Continue Reading →

He Thinks I Write

He sees the words He thinks I write But he is oh so wrong. They don't come from me.   It's a song I hear in my head Then it bugs me until I go I must sit down and pen this out After that I can sew. Then it's in the shower The song,... Continue Reading →

She’s Lost In A Moment

She's lost in a moment Can't let it go. So many other things She wants you to know. Lost in a moment A fraction of time Before all this mess; Well before the crime. She's lost in a second She said the wrong thing Wishes instead of the war You could hear her heart sing.... Continue Reading →

Moving in rhythm across the floor You and I Swaying to an old song We forgot long ago. My hand in yours for the journey But only for this dance. We glide off to the left As I look into your eyes. We both know we love one another But this is not the right... Continue Reading →

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