I was standing on the edge Of reason. But honestly nothing Stopped the force; The unrelenting force That drove the weaker ones Insane.   I was standing on the verge Of destruction. All melt in my hands That make my heart Cold as the Alaska sky In December.   I stand on the precipice Of... Continue Reading →

He Stands Before Me

He stands before me Says nothing But my name. I don't look him in the eyes, I already know What they look like. They look like everything I've ever wanted.   He stands before me Says nothing But my name. His voice is like music To ears That have never heard it.   I get... Continue Reading →


Doesn't matter How we dress it up, How many times we go over it Or around it. How long we stand Thinking about it. Waves will still crash on the shore The wind will still greet those With heavy hearts And hands. People will still drink The water they know is killing them. Lions will... Continue Reading →


He gathers up the bricks From his last relationship. Some were worn and broken Yet even more were in so many pieces You couldn't tell one brick from the other, Yet he spent years gathering them; Tenderly taking care of each one, Guarding them Protecting them So nobody can take any Or move any. He... Continue Reading →

She Stood

The wind wrapped around her like a blanket The night tried to steal every ounce of courage within her But she stood.   Twice she was beaten to the point of forgetting Who and what she was Knocked down wouldn't even be close Her head swirled with everything bad they ever said about her Yet... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Wreck

A delicious form of a woman That you feel you need to protect With everything you are. There are times though Where you let your guard down Allow her to walk into the storm Screaming for all she is worth Pounding on the ground Begging for this storm to fight with her. Of course, it... Continue Reading →

Oppositional Defiance

He taps on the table As if that is supposed to speed me up Or make me worry I'm taking to long To think about his stupid question That truly doesn't deserve a response. Humans think because they put up a sign It is some kind of authority Or contains some kind of authority Over... Continue Reading →

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