Written on this paper Is an enlightened deed A common bond of trust Between you and me. Written in these lines A little mindfuck occurs. I can tell you once were mine But you were also hers. I like to touch the fire It feeds an empty soul. Pain is so refreshing When you're so... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Here Before

Standing in the darkness Everything is in the same place It was before I walked out. I already know how this ends; Nobody comes to rescue you. The silence will bring me peace The darkness will surround me Engulfing me in an embrace I'll find it hard to get out of. I've been here before... Continue Reading →

What it Means

They said I couldn't possibly be Christian Or believe in the God they do; Because I didn't write of Godly things Or tell people to come to him. Instead I write of the darkness Of shadows, and pain. But when people are lost And need to be found The darkness Is exactly where you will... Continue Reading →


I will no longer be hidden in the shadows Or be with someone that denies they love me. I will no longer take the path of least resistance Or blame my path on anyone else. I will not continue to let this love strangle me Instead I will find one that sets me free. I... Continue Reading →

From the Storm Within

Shaping what was left of our future We stand as if granite Unwilling to sacrifice what we know To what the world believes. Silence is Satan's strength So we stand on the top of the mountain Shouting every crime ever put upon us With no fear No judgement No regret. The power Satan has over... Continue Reading →

This bottle contains the antidote But I won't give it to the victim. All along I tried to ask them What was the first symptom? Maybe I've changed too much Or perhaps I'm just unaware. I tried to tell everyone I was really nice But it didn't really get me anywhere. One season I'm pissed... Continue Reading →

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