Innocence Lost

Had a shot at darkness once But I hit it in the eye. Birds swarm around the dead Then they told me I could fly. A rose bush grows in a meadow Unkept and unclean. Water rushes down it's leaves Keeping them nice and green. Showers wash the pain away But never removes the scar.... Continue Reading →

All She Had To Say

She talked of the moon How it grazed her hair every evening Leaving her with a sense of peace She probably would have never known. She talked of the sun How it stayed with her during the day While she dealt heavily with monotony. She whispered to him about the stars How they would appear... Continue Reading →

I Wanted You Alive

While you were laying there crying Wondering if anyone on this planet loved you; I loved you.   When you sat in your truck In the middle of the woods Holding that gun; I wish you would have called me.   The times you thought you were failing Life was falling apart; I wish you... Continue Reading →

Lifted Tears

I cried a little on front of him The lifted tears from ground. Tried to comfort a fool in danger Didn't make a sound. Life wandered aimlessly Left her happy and aware. It wasn't even a bump in the road Her minor little scare.  

In A Bottle

Send me your dreams in a bottle On a note written inside Tell me what it is you want in your heart I really want you to confide.   Send me your tears in a bottle I'll count them, then send them back Maybe if you new what you spent on your heartache You'd see... Continue Reading →

Without A Light

I'd give you a shilling for luck But I'm afraid you need the power I'd tell you that you smell good But honestly, you need a shower. I'd walk away But I always look back Tried to catch a train one time But got on the wrong track. You always seem to find me lost... Continue Reading →


If she believed everything You say Then she would think She were your life That she can Take your breath away From you. If she listened closely Which she doesn't She would think You never loved anyone Like you love her. So why Do you make her cry?

You Can Tell Her Anything

A fork, a knife, a spoon to taste Nothing on this table to waste We all know it isn't kind to let the table sit.   I was angry because of who I'd become Angry, jaded, and full of rum Nothing beats a woman with a grudge.   Then she meets a man with integrity... Continue Reading →

What Did I Do?

What did I do when you broke up with me? I kicked a wall Threw a fit Punched a man Flipped a tit. Bought some gum Then threw it away Asked again "what will I do today?" Drank some beers Then fucked a friend Then told him this beginning Was now the end. I cried... Continue Reading →

The Obscene Paradigm

Trenches and trench coats lead a girl astray Billboards tell the child to never run away. Farmers and homesteads is all she's ever known The family still calls her baby, but my has she grown. Chaste she stays until the night of her prom Though all the tales and stories from her mom. A child... Continue Reading →

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