The Storm Is Finally Coming

It begins as a drizzle; Just some drops on your head. Then comes the downpour That makes you leap out of bed. The crashing of the thunder Makes you worry of the noise. The lightening brings peace To those of us without boys. Danger lurks within the fight You have inside your head. Nothing beats... Continue Reading →


I could stand in the midst of a hurricane Wishing for nothing Wanting nothing. Summon a tornado To wash over me Cover me in darkness And chaos.   Life has meaning When you pay attention To not only the sun But the darkness.   Aided and abated With the frailty of the old. Afraid of... Continue Reading →


Soft, arid, dry.. I have often compared myself to a desert.     Let us make love like a desert storm Let the wind blow lightly between our bodies Then little raindrops like kisses All over us Then bring in the passion of thunder And lightening With a rain that pounds on us From above.... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Storm

First, you hear the thunder; Loud and domineering The fierceness cuts like a knife Then the rain begins It pours on you like guilt; Unrelenting. Lightening cracks and bends Hitting the tallest things first So we don't need to worry. Life is like this storm; Raging just when it is least convenient Loud and obnoxious... Continue Reading →

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